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Kelly looks at how switching agents can boost your holiday let’s performance

We’re always being advised to switch suppliers regularly to get the best rates, and the same can be said for your holiday let. Whether you manage bookings yourself or use an agent, you could see a significant rise in bookings if you take the plunge and switch. Amanda owns a property in Kingsbridge, and since […]

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Laura offers some helpful tips on exceeding your guests’ expectations

One of the most exciting parts of my job is being able to search through gorgeous properties all day looking for inspirational images to use in marketing campaigns. We’ve talked about great photography a lot, but it really is so important to securing bookings. It’s not only the quality of the photography that makes a […]

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Gary talks about the top destinations for investment opportunities

When making a big financial commitment such as purchasing a second property for investment purposes, it is clearly very important indeed to do your due diligence with care. However if you are in a position to make the purchase with cash or a relatively small mortgage, and you intend to enjoy the property as often […]

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