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An Introduction

For 16 years, we’ve specialised in premium self catering accommodation. We’re successful because we understand what discerning guests are looking for, and we know how to reach them.

Over the years we’ve seen a growing demand for Lodges & Resorts in the premium market – not only amongst our existing database of over 140,000+ holidaymakers, but in the wider market too.

No other specialist agents are getting the most from this emerging market. That’s why we created Blue Chip Lodges & Resorts – to lead the growth of premium lodge holidays in the UK.

In this increasingly competitive marketplace, being first in line for guests who care about quality and appreciate high standards is imperative. Blue Chip provide the perfect shop window for the type of customer we need to attract. They understand the market, and they support us every step of the way.

Damian Sargent, Blacksand Ltd

Why Invest?

With huge advances in build technology over recent years, lodges can bring premium holiday home specification for a fraction of the price of a house or apartment – opening up your potential for high Return On Investment (ROI). Our Head of Product Development, Sam Wrigglesworth, explains the situation.

“Over recent years the technology used to create and manufacture lodges has come on in leaps and bounds, to the point where the acceptable standard of property now complies fully with British building regulations. At the same time, lodges are being built in spectacular locations where other developments would not be allowed. This is because local councils are loosening restrictions around planning permissions to benefit from the year-round tourism spend brought by discerning holidaymakers.”

“Whether you opt for a solid log lodge or a manufactured lodge one thing is certain; the appetite for high-end lodge holidays is rising dramatically, and investors that buy wisely will be well placed to benefit from good returns, keen production prices and holidays in exceptional locations.”

What kind of lodge should I buy?

Factory or Solid Wood?

A wide range of lodges are available to investors, with a price range to match. Our Head of Product Development, Sam Wrigglesworth, guides you through your options.

“Investors have two headline options to choose from. Factory built lodges are built on a production line and shipped to your site complete with white goods, fixtures and fittings. Solid wood or log lodges are typically produced in Scandinavia or Canada and assembled onsite. Both types of lodge have huge potential in the premium market, but the level of investment varies, as do the advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to consider.”

Factory built lodges

“Factory built lodges are very keenly priced – they’ve been driven down by competition in the manufacturing market place. It’s clear why they’re attractive to investors; they are more affordable to purchase, they have better potential for return on investment (ROI), and they have a lower cost of ownership. Overall, manufactured lodges can provide an affordable investment with a quicker turn around of profit, but are less suitable for those with longevity as a priority.”


  • Lower purchase price with high ROI – Evidence suggests that a quality lodge in the right location can return well in excess of £30,000, not up to with ROIs over 10%.
  • Less risk in the property market – With the right investment, your income could cover your purchase price in less than ten years, ensuring your cash goes in and comes out with profit as quickly as possible.
  • Your land plot is likely to increase in value, even if your lodge tires – Even though the lodge itself will tire and lose value over 30-60 years, it’s possible to make up the difference when you sell your land plot back.


  • Greater need for maintenance – Your lodge will need careful maintenance, particularly on its exterior, to maintain premium appeal.
  • Higher energy bills – The walls can often be thinner and less insulated.
  • Waiting times – Be wary of long waiting times for your lodge to be built – and be prepared for lengthy snagging duties to ensure the lodge is up to spec.

Solid wood lodges

“Solid log Scandinavian and Canadian wood lodges are in many ways an entirely different investment to factory built. You’ll pay a much higher purchase price, for a higher quality property, so your yields will suffer in the short term. But over time you’ll benefit from the quality and longevity of a solidly built property – sometimes with greater potential for capital appreciation.”

“Some buyers choose solid wood lodges as an alternative to bricks and mortar, and the level of investment can be similar. Other owners choose solid wood over a factory built lodge, to increase the longevity of their investment. It all comes down to weighing up the option that’s right for you, your budget and your longer term ambitions.”


  • Built to last over generations – Get the right freehold plot purchase agreement, and you’ll have much less to worry about in terms of residual asset value and potential for re-sale at a later date.
  • Tough and energy efficient – Solid wood lodges are built to weather the world’s harshest climates. They are better insulated, reducing energy costs.
  • Less maintenance to keep premium appeal – While factory built lodges need maintenance to keep their appearance top notch, solid wood lodges stay smarter for longer.


  • High purchase price – Solid wood lodges are a higher quality, yet more expensive option – often requiring a similar level of investment to a holiday home or apartment.
  • Fewer prime locations available – Solid wood lodges require a different level of planning permission, meaning suitable sites are harder to find. This is a factor in the high purchase price of individual lodges, and is a challenge to developers.

How to be premium

Whatever type of lodge you choose, boosting ROI is all about catering for the right market. Our Head of Product Development, Sam Wrigglesworth, explains how you can dramatically improve your returns by following a few simple guidelines.

“First, customers looking to book your lodge will want a home equal to or better than their own, so it has to have impact. Second, they will want privacy and views, so bear this is mind when selecting your plot. Third, they will be looking for quality fixtures, fittings and furnishings; décor can make a big difference in driving demand, so when you’re furnishing your lodge make sure that you create a contemporary space that feels lived in, loved and welcoming. Finally, customers love a hot tub. These are the most sought after feature in UK lodges and they can improve returns by as much as 100%, so don’t forget to install one.”

Need to know

  • Ensure your lodge has impact – a great look or impressive location
  • Guests will pay a premium for privacy and views – choose your plot carefully
  • Invest in high quality décor and homely atmosphere to drive bookings
  • Hot tubs can improve returns by up to 100% – installing one is a worthwhile investment

Working with us

We’re leading the growth of premium lodge holidays in the UK. So when you work with us, expect more than great booking levels. Expect the best service for you, and a truly special experience for your guests.

Get in touch with our Lodges & Resorts team today for advice and income projections from the cutting edge of this growing market.

How we do more for you

  • A powerful brand with an innovative marketing strategyjoin our portfolio for instant exposure to over 140,000+ discerning guests, and unrivalled reach through our multi-channel marketing strategy
  • Easy communication with an expert team – your dedicated Owner Account team are available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
  • Owner Portal – an easy way for you and your stakeholders to manage bookings, download paperwork and track your success online, 24/7.
  • Guaranteed income on cancelled bookings
  • Unlimited expert advice, year-round price and yield management – we’ll work hard to maximise your returns

Development owner?

  • Advice from the cutting edge of the market – we work with developers to provide a realistic forecast rental income and to guide expectations.
  • If you’re selling plots, we’ll deal directly with your private lodge owners, leaving you to focus on your lodge sales.

How we do more for your guests

  • We only market premium properties, because our customers expect the best
  • We operate our own grading scheme, because we care about high standards – it’s a guarantee our guests can trust
  • Our quality team inspect every property regularly – helping you deliver the highest standards
  • It’s easy to book through our market leading website, and our bookings agents are on hand to offer expert holiday advice and recommendations

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