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Who is our target audience?

We market to a discerning and affluent ABC1 audience. Holidaymakers who typically take two holidays a year, and are willing to pay a premium for a restful and restorative break.

What do we know about our guests?

Our strength lies in the variety of holidaymakers who are attracted to our properties.

As well as spanning a range of age groups,  our customer data shows us that 52% of our guests travel as a couple, while 41% travel as a family. This healthy balance delivers year-round bookings, as their normal travel times are spread throughout the year.

While families fill properties in school holidays, young professionals and empty nesters deliver strong bookings in more challenging off-peak periods.

Where do they travel from?

Our guests come from all over the UK, but the most substantial numbers come from the Midlands, Bristol and the South East.

Our customer data shows us that guests are willing to travel a significant distance to reach their perfect property – meaning our bookings are rarely limited by location.