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Amanda’s Story

Amanda owns a property in Kingsbridge, and since switching to Blue Chip Holidays from another agent in June she’s been thrilled to see a sharp increase in her bookings.
As the owner of a number of properties in the South Hams, Amanda’s no stranger to the world of property rentals and holiday lettings, and after 6 years letting her favourite property with one agent she decided it was time for a change.

“When I decided to switch agents there was no question but to go to Blue Chip.”

So how did she come to know Blue Chip? Well, it all started when Amanda bumped into the company’s former Chairman of the Board, Liam Gavin, at a function some years ago and the pair got talking about the growing company.

Over time, Amanda also got to know the company’s MD at the time Alan Taylor, and she was impressed with the team’s enthusiasm and constant desire to improve and to progress.

“They’re always looking at ways to improve and that’s important to me, because there are always are ways to do something better.”

Blue Chip Holidays was founded by Liam’s mother in law Sylvia in Brixham an impressive 16 years ago, and there are few property owners throughout the region who haven’t heard about us over the years. We’re proud to have stuck to Sylvia’s original vision for the company to specialise in premium properties that pamper their visitors, and we’re still synonymous with quality today.

In fact, when pondering the prospect of switching agents one of the aspects that appealed to Amanda was that we’re perfectly aligned to market her property beside the estuary as somewhere extra special.

“It’s a beautiful property, and I needed an agent with a brand that people associate with quality – and that’s Blue Chip.”

Our Portfolio Development Managers are experts in their fields, and they pick properties that stand apart from others, that stop guests in their tracks as they open the front door and that have the “wow” factor. They’re always on the lookout for picturesque views, special features and the little touches that make a holiday home one to remember.

We believe that special properties deserve innovative marketing that showcases every one for its own character and selling points, and our in-house marketing team strive to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to getting bookings in all year round.

“I love the fact that the company’s very web driven and that it places importance on social media marketing.”

So how easy is it to join our portfolio? Every owner to join our collection with be guided through the process by the regional Portfolio Development Manager, and they’ll be on hand from start to finish.

“Switching was very quick and very painless. Gary was intrinsic in the process. I needed him to fill my property for July and August and his confidence that he could was founded.”

Amanda’s seen an immediate rise in her property bookings since joining us at the start of the summer, and as well as enjoying the benefits of improved performance she’s also relishing being part of an ongoing venture.