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Caroline’s Story

Caroline used to let her property through a leading holiday lettings website, until she became the victim of a phishing scam and lost her confidence in letting her property. Overwhelmed by the pressures of running a holiday let without the support of an agent, she chose Blue Chip Holidays through a recommendation. Since joining our portfolio, Caroline’s seen her bookings more than double and is enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything’s taken care of.

“It got to the point where it was keeping me awake at night, and now all that stress has been taken away.”

Today, Caroline owns one of the most popular Salcombe properties on the Blue Chip Holidays portfolio, and she’s enjoying being part of a premium brand and a smooth running service that delivers fantastic booking numbers. So what made Caroline choose a letting agent for her holiday property?

For a time, the property was listed on the lettings website and Caroline handled the bookings process herself, but then things started to go wrong. An elaborate phishing scam saw hackers gain access to Caroline’s account and begin to communicate with potential guests, diverting all of Caroline’s emails.

“The email they sent out had appeared to be from the lettings website, and somebody was soon impersonating me and taking money.”

Offering a discount to anyone who paid in full on the same day, the scammers duped one would-be guest and Caroline found herself facing the consequences without support.

“The whole thing was a very unfortunate experience”

In addition, like many holiday home owners, Caroline also found an increasing number of people trying to book the property the day before their arrival and requesting to pay after the holiday, and as the stress of managing her bookings took its toll, sleepless nights became more and more frequent.

As if that wasn’t enough, Caroline found that as guests became ever more discerning, handling the process herself became more and more demanding on her time. It wasn’t unusual for Caroline to invest hours answering questions about the property and helping would-be guests to decide whether it was right for them, only for them to book another instead.

Since joining our portfolio, Caroline’s seen a huge increase in her bookings at a higher rate than she was charging on the lettings website, balancing out any lettings costs and meaning her free time is once again her own.

Here at Blue Chip Holidays, we handle everything from marketing the property to the bookings process, and dealing with any issues that arise during or after a stay. That means all our owners need to worry about is watching the bookings roll in and we do the rest. Caroline’s seen her bookings more than double since she joined our portfolio, and she feels proud to be a part of our trusted, premium brand.

“There’s been no stress at all, it’s run really smoothly”