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Unlimited Staycations in the UK

Do you love to go on holiday in the UK? Is there a favourite place that you choose to escape to year after year? Instead of choosing to book a different place for every break, why not invest in a holiday property you can return to all year round?

Having your own holiday property takes out the stress and worry of going away, as you’ll know how to get there and that everything you’ll need will be there when you arrive. It’s also a great place to hold parties with close family and friends, especially if you are all coming from different areas of the country.

If you are wondering how to fund your holiday property, holiday letting is a convenient and lucrative option to help with the running costs, which could include mortgage repayments. If you require a mortgage to purchase your holiday home, there is a variety of holiday let mortgages to choose from.

Lenders usually look for a minimum annual income of £40,000 and at least a 30% deposit is required. However, if you plan on holiday letting the property, submitting an income projection will also increase your chances of your application being accepted. An income projection outlines your property’s potential annual revenue, which can be requested from most holiday letting agents.

Holiday letting enables you to still enjoy time in your property, but it pays for itself when you’re not using it. Blue Chip Holidays offer flexible time for you to personally use your investment, as well as helping you achieve high levels of booking and revenue throughout the year.  By being a Blue Chip owner, you are eligible to a whole host of benefits which includes your own dedicated account manager and access to exclusive special offers and rewards.

Curious to know more about holiday letting with Blue Chip Holidays? Get in touch today. We’ll even send you a £500 John Lewis gift card to help you start your holiday letting venture*.


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